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Just having fun recording and coming up with new stuff for y'all:) You know where my ask box is :)
Lots of Love

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bi buçuk yıl sonra bebemmm


Ever love someone so much you didn’t know why?
You didn’t know why you loved being with them all the time?
You didn’t know why you couldn’t go an hour without talking to them?
You didn’t know why you loved the feeling of their lips pressed to yours?
You didn’t know why even though they fuck up over and over you forgive them and give them another chance?
You didn’t know why that even though you hate them so much you still really do love them?
You didn’t know why or how you knew if they were gone you would miss them more then anything?
and the fact that you didn’t know the reason to any of this confused the shit out of you and got really frustrating because you could sit there for hours or days even just trying to figure it out…

Love… Love is the hardest thing in most peoples lives… whether its loving a person, a job, a place, anything at all… its there you just have to find it…

and you let me down :/